Goatcraft – Yersinia Pestis

From the arbor steppes of Hungary emerges the toneful magnificence of Goatcraft, a one-man siege on pernicious modern pop and its insidious infiltration of the neo-classical environs. Drawing sustenance from the tradition of Western Classical Music as communicated through the past of the Common Practice period; Ogden Ziegen, the Eurasian artist exemplar, continues the evolution of his art to a portentous elevated ascendancy.

In recognition of the (at heart), secular destructive tendency infecting the core of black metal, the masculine mountain dweller burned the relics of his time spent in darkness and picked up study of the piano. He carefully studied the transcendent achievements of the Renaissance and its offspring, emerging confident to present his art in a way aligned with the true nature of theophanic experience. The epistemological influence black metal heritage bestows upon him cannot be denied; yet in his earnest transforming yearning for meta-musical enlightened becoming, the ruminant maestro carries his avid listeners to new heights of glory that both envelope the past and transfix the future.

Truly magical in its expression, Goatcraft‘s latest opus, Yersinia Pestis, demonstrates the over-bounding range of the Magyar master’s compositional capabilities. An explosion of proper classical sensibility, each track is lovingly crafted and fashioned into a sharpened blade ready to rend asunder the weak-minded listener who desires his vapid existence to be spoon-fed meaning by the cynical businessman who have the audacity to refer to themselves with the honorific of “artist”. A truly esoteric work, this offering’s charm lies in its simplicity; yet this simplicity belies its inner complexity, which is revealed to the true listener after many appreciations. We here at Western Redemption cannot recommend this work highly enough and urge you to add it to your spiritual diet.


You great star, what would your happiness be had you not those for whom you shine?