Happy Bastille Day

The French Revolution occurred because unrepentant Peasants refused to accept the starvation that Divinity ordained and the Monarchy executed as just punishment for their petulance.

Had they chosen to keel over, as would have been right and proper, the population would have stabilized at sustainable levels. The fantasy of upward mobility contained within the slogan, “liberty, fraternity, equality, would not have been so gripping nor so all-consuming. Above all, neither the Nobility nor the Monarchy would have been compelled to part with the privileges that are their birth right in order to appease the hungry mob who chose to over procreate.

A whole nation could have saved itself from Liberalism! France could have been a beacon of Traditional Society, underneath whom the broken bones of flawed men lay at eternal rest under foot. The way to the Correct Man was lost.


Homo Correctus

Evolution, what it is? It is the mechanism by which organisms attain improvement. Natural selection is the method nature uses to separate the genetic wheat from the chaff.

The human race, under the malignant tutelage of Liberalism, has rejected these methods for self improvement and lowered itself beneath even ratkind. Choosing instead to scurry about urban centers, not unlike rats, aimless and blissfully immune to natural selection. He breeds without caution, and consumes without care. The air fills with noxious black fumes not unlike a plague of similar hue which was carried and transmitted by modern man’s likeness during the middle ages.

Once, men were virile and women were pure. They were invaders, conquerors and lovers. Lovers of reality, and of nature. They understood her kindness and thanked God for the gift of hardship; which propelled our species beyond mere subsistence.

Like our ancestors, we too must love nature and love her laws. 6,000 years is a drop in the bucket and a glimpse of how far we might go. We must embrace natural selection and rid our race of the deficient, diseased and dishonest. Reality is the most harsh judge yet is kind and nurturing to those who pass her rigorous trials.

Liberals are those who do not love their fate and struggle vainly to inoculate themselves with Rights, Redistribution and all manner of subsidy. They are safety seekers and comfort slaves. Heraclitus tells us that life is power. The Liberal seeks to make that power defuse to disarm the strong, to draw and quarter reality. It is no surprise that human evolution ceased in 1776 with a rejection of the power rightfully consolidated in the hands of the deserving few – The Royalty and the Nobility.

The result is a human being who will never achieve a more pure vision of reality. A human who puts thinking before being. A human who puts desire before accuracy. The Right embraces evolution because it seeks a better human being. The Right embraces the lessons of history transmitted by Tradition. The Right embraces life and leads the way to the next phases of human evolution. Let us embrace evolution and natural selection as the way to the Correct Man.

What will it be, dear reader, Viking or Vassal?

Traditional Economics Part 2: The Benevolence of an Elite

In continuing our advocacy of Conservative and Primordial economic traditions, this week we shall discuss Unregulated Free Enterprise as well as the benefits of an unrestrained upper class.

I must begin with a statement of the obvious: regulations stifle innovation, enforce conformity and suffocate economic stability. The goal of any economic system is to fight entropy. At the forefront of this struggle is technological progression and improvement. Environmental regulations, banking regulations, taxes on speculative investment and wealth redistribution work to shackle enterprise and cripple the economy.

On the Hypocrisy of the Underclass:
It is all too common for enterprise to be accused of environmental exploitation by the proletarian masses who breed beyond sustainable measure and destroy the natural cycles responsible for the creation of the goods and services nature provides and man transforms into product upon which these usurpers thrive. If Enterprise is restrained, it cannot grow. If it cannot grow, it cannot improve upon itself and mankind suffers with inferior and damaged product.

Heinous banking regulations such as Glass-Steagall prevent enterprise from attaining the start up capital needed to pursue grand projects and goals. If a bank is forced to choose between being a consumer bank or an investment bank, this regulation is preventing more of the consumers money from reaching the coffers of business and the result is a loss of work opportunity and technological regression. A regression driven by the need to cannibalize the capital a nation builds up – during phases of growth – because a net or negative growth phase demands capital be turned into waste in order to pay the bills. The liberals believe that if normalcy is maintained, then growth can resume because growth is a regular function of an economy. Those of us on the Right know better.

On the Wealthy:
Taxing investment income prevents individuals and firms from acquiring the start up capital needed to transform raw material and labor into new and positive ventures by penalizing speculative investments. Capital gains taxes, for example, work as a bleed off valve on accumulations of money that form naturally during phases of growth; the result of taxing the wealthy is always less opportunity and more exploitation. History has a rule after all:

Wealth is inversely correlated to exploitation.

The more wealthy an entity is, the less incentive it has to take advantage of the commons and of individuals because its own needs are met and then some. Therefore, the entity needs no external regulations or restrictions. Here’s an example of how this works in practice:

A factory which produces a pallet of cogs also produces two barrels of waste in the manufacture. When assessing the options for the disposal of that waste, the less wealthy company will always choose the option with the least expensive cost, namely dumping it into a landfill or into a local body of water. By contrast, a wealthy factory capable of absorbing the costs of its externalities is more capable and willing to go for a disposal option that best mitigates an impact on the environment.

As with waste disposal, other forms of externalization are reduced as the wealth of an entity increases. Most notable is the need to important foreign workers via open borders to replace the more expensive workers of the Nation’s natives who expect a higher paycheck to support a higher standard of living. If you’ve ever wondered why open borders and regulations are so favored by the Left, it is because they want to replace prosperity with misery and tradition with change.

On Distribution:
A market system based on industry and agriculture relies on concentrations of capital to build new factories and new large scale farms. A diffuse distribution of income means that a societies wealth is spread out amongst tradesmen and merchants. Due to the expensive price tag of a new factory, for example, a lack of wealth concentration all but guarantees the death of industry. Because money is non-entropic, there is no need to combat the aforementioned natural tendency of money to form large accumulations in the hands of a few. Those “few” are the class responsible for capital which brought such wealth in the first place! Because this same social class naturally returns this wealth via the creation of jobs and the creation of less expensive and higher quality goods and services; wealth redistribution and social welfare programs ought to be seen by every conservative and person on the Right as paramount evil.

Aspiring young conservatives and seasoned veterans of the New Right must not forget to underline these beneficial policies as often as sanity allows. We cannot forget that leftism is defeated by reality-based policy and what has been outlined in this short series is the tip of the spear that severs the ventricles in the heart of Liberalism.

Traditional Economics Part 1: Economic Nationalism

The New Right has a tendency to envelope itself in the concerns of Identity and Culture at the expense of the Economic Question. Typically blathering on with one-liners and emotionally charged polemics. Here I will address the question from the perspective of a Traditionalist and attempt to best address our solutions from an informed perspective.

I will begin by stating the pillars of Traditional economics founded upon Elitism, Hierarchy and above all Realism. These are: Free Trade, Imperialism, and Free Unregulated Enterprise.

This will consist of a two post series in order to clearly present the subject matter.

Free Trade:

To start, what is Free Trade? It is a system of exchange that prohibits nations from taxing or prohibiting the exchange of goods and services across borders.

The rhetoric goes that free trade is a mutually beneficial agreement between nations. A Truthful Conservative will tell you otherwise. Free Trade works by preventing potential Subject Nations from erecting “protective” trade barriers and tarrifs to “shelter” their industry and agriculture from foreign entities. As a result, the nation’s markets are open to the goods of another power with whom their product cannot compete in price and often, quality.

Furthermore, the nation who controls international transportation and trade routes is able to make the costs of the movement of goods negligible whereas the Subjects must pay a premium. Currency plays a rather large roll in determining who profits from Free Trade. Take the case of the Dollar’s hegemony over a significant portion of the world in exchanges, or the predominance of the Euro in the EU – to whom Germany is the benefactor at the expensive of Southern Europe and a handful of Northern Nation-States – for notable examples of deliberately imbalanced exchange via Free Trade.

The results of course are untold riches. In modern times, we saw this Economic Warfare being deployed successfully by the Virile British Empire, American society post Spanish-American War and in the EU as helmed by Germany out of Brussels.


Colonization and the creation of Subject Nations works hand in hand with Free Trade by extracting the wealth from Vassals. Historically there are two dominant methodologies: the replacement of a foreign government with leadership and institutions of the dominant power bringing the nation under direct control, and the other is the establishment of a franchise that is indirectly controlled through sympathetic governments who receive kickbacks in return for complacency.

The former is the most expensive option and the latter a cheap innovation developed on accident by America due to internal national resistance to direct colonization.

Once the empire has been established, it functions by siphoning the labor and raw materials of a vassal state and concentrating it in the imperial center. This is achieved through multiple methods:

1) Demanding tribute in the form of taxation on subject economic activity.

2) The establishment of native firms on foreigner’s soil. Multinationals, essentially.

3) Deliberately imbalanced trade agreements.

The savings on the costs of goods and services are then passed off on consumers all the way out to the periphery of the empire including its subjects markets. A significant advantage of an Empire is in its ability to offload economic externalities abroad through shifting production beyond the Imperial Nation’s own homeland.

It’s important to remember that between each Imperial model, the arrangements that allow an empire to function are backed up with the threat of military force. This is why the maintenance of a large military budget is so important to those of us on the Right. Pursuing lavish military technologies is a historical constant that runs the gamut from chariot warfare to the battleship; and from aircraft carriers to the now being tested “rail gun.” Aggressive foreign policy is a paramount doctrine. Empires must engage in shows of force via proxy conflict to inspire complacency in order to maintain the economic, institutional and cultural arrangements that an empire depends upon.

An infrequently discussed but important strategy in the economic warfare of Empire is the imposition of austerity unto Subject Nations. How this works is, a vassal over its head in debt cuts government programs and undergoes radical privatization of government assets. The prices of these assets are so low in fact that the creditor nations can buy up these assets at a steal and strip them bare. Going back to the EU example, this is precisely what the IMF intends to do to Greece and Spain. As it happens, a debtor nation is put back into complacency via austerity without the need for military incursion. Let us not be modest, a Subject Nation – like the poor – finds itself in debt to the Imperial Nation not because of exploitation or depletion of resources, but because of an internal deficiency of character that leads to the squandering of one’s wealth (financial and real) on less than essential goods and services as well as social programs which encourage the replacement of productive sectors (as well as productive persons) of their economy with parasitic entities. Thus, the need for Austerity to reign in on the decline of the vassal and to maintain the extraction of wealth so critical to an Empire.

Next week we will discuss domestic Elitist and Traditional policy.