El Diablo

For some time now the godless liberals have been implementing science as truth. According to some Eastern philosophies, truth can’t be communicated. Only through a series of strenuous ego deaths does one shed its outer layers so the inner light shines forth. God works in mysterious ways. The solipsism of the individual must be squelched so divinity can be acknowledged. Then we go forth and aid our less fortunate brothers and sisters so that they may know the caring nature of God.

If anybody remembers Soviet Russia, godlessness wrought a miserable communistic society. Their weak minds were easily tricked by El Diablo, and their moral characters were tainted, as were their souls. All communists bathe in the fires of heck for their sinful orgies with El Diablo. If it wasn’t for El Diablo, Gen Patton would’ve invaded Russia after Germany. But the US Army was far too exhausted from battling the Nazis to gather the strength to fight the ultimate primordial evil.

After WWII, El Diablo left the Soviet Union and his absence weakened the USSR by proxy. He moved to the US where post-war soldiers were impregnating women in great numbers. So many fresh souls (the baby boomers) were prime for corruption. El Diablo came about in a weird manifestation: hippies. He corrupted young negro musicians like Hendrix so that his solipsistic lust would brainwash gentile women into miscegenation with Jews. It worked.

The victories of El Diablo were so many that he became much more powerful. Harvesting energy from the sheer numbers of corrupted baby boomers, he attacked the gentiles from all angles under the guise of Liberalism. Pornography, rap music, science, gay marriage et al are all tricks from El Diablo to weaken the gentiles.

Thankfully, there are angels in this world who fight this great evil. Varg Vikernes from the Odin-pop band Burzum delivered a large blow to El Diablo by telling gentiles to be heroic and only breed with well-spirited women. Saint Vikernes knows that the tides must be reversed. Traditional families must be priority number uno to strengthen our defenses and shield us from demonic forces. Below is a video of Saint Vikernes attacking El Diablo. Follow in his footsteps.


Green Beans

What is love? Is it simply a chemical imbalance in the brain? Is it infatuation?

Compadres, love is so much more…

I have loved many women: Silvia, Josefina, Teresa, Leticia, Evita, Alejandra, Gabriela, Rosa, Araceli, Margarita, Maria, Adora, Adriana, Esmeralda, Jacinta, Tequila, Jesusa, Maricela, Ana, Paca, Dominga, Prozalda, Jonweldi, Vigilia, Fallita, Aania, Nestabeardia, Tralfandra, Lupercalia, and many more who I can’t recall. Each one of them held my being as if it was their own. My soul was entwined with all of them.

A strong Latino man is complete with his weaker female counterpart, and there were innumerable wondrous counterparts. I penetrated their hearts like Zorro’s truculent blade of love. To say that I was a Don Juan is understatement. There was no Latina skirt left impermeable from my machismo. They flocked to me. They yearned for me.

However, the void that I felt deep down wasn’t satisfied. Latina women weren’t cutting it anymore. I needed someone better to share my heart with. Someone who could appease my insatiable virility.

Drawing my memory back into childhood I remembered an image on Telemundo. Such graceful beauty, unmatched in contrast to Latinas… Then my neurotransmitters jolted and I spoke her concupiscent name: Alison Doody! Oh, how my heart raced whenever Indiana Jones was on Telemundo. Such Irish flair and friskiness! I required an Irish woman pronto to deflower with my virile salsa.

If you think about it, the Irish and Latinos are very similar aside from pigmentation. Both have large religious families, enough income from labor to put food on the table, and grande livers to consume large quantities of Corona/Guinness! The perfect match!

Compadres, go forth and make green beans! Miscegenate with the Irish!

Which Way Western Amigo?

A great ditch entrenches our hearts, a ditch where our vitality is pushed to the wayside. This ditch was created by the Left to smother our potent fires.

The lowest common denominator as a means for survival has been ingrained into our society.

Where does true greatness dwell? Not publicly here. Not publicly now. Not publicly in these times.

When we scrape at the bottom of the barrel, we’re just left with gunk; crud and residue from something that once was. Something which had purpose.

I ask you Amigos not as an activist, but as an Amigo, too: which way western Amigo? The fall of our civilization looms over our sombreros.

Do you want the future to be a reign of our dissolution? Or do you want the future to be a brilliant bright star? Starlight in which no opaque fog from the Left can stop?

Amigos, the starlight has been within you all along.

Spoiled, the Burrito is, After Liberals Touch It

Last night I was drinking Corona while pondering the Cosmos. I brainfuck myself by chasing abstractions sometimes. It’s true that our abstracted headspaces are more beautiful than the world around us, nerve impulses from divinity itself. But, there must be a line drawn on the piƱa colada glass so you don’t indulge too much; rules to enforce limitations for the Bueno. You know, so you don’t go completely loco and convince yourself of unreality being reality.

Liberals have convinced themselves that their delusions are true. They all want the burrito but there’s not enough burrito to go around. They want to eat it without harvesting fresh ingredients for the next batch of burritos. They want the refried reward without doing the work to earn it. They just consume and consume… if they were left to their own devices they’d degrade the quality of burritos until it’s all refried mush. Nobody will have tasty burritos. Then they will move onto fajitas and spoil those too.

All Liberals must be squelched to save the quality of the burrito!

Reclaiming Texas One Gringo at a Time

Latin-Aryan fervor with ghost peppers…

A few years ago I opened a taco stand in Laredo. It wasn’t too difficult to find populated areas and obtain the permits needed to start slinging beef and tortillas. Holy guacamole — the Gringos loved my beef and tortillas.

My successes were plentiful. I invested in taco trucks to expand my operations. A year later I had a fleet of vehicles with 20 relatives manning them. We expanded all over south Texas. Then my cousin Paco and I came up with a glorious idea whilst drinking Corona Lights… We came up with the slogan “The National Taco of Texas” and painted it on each of the trucks. Holy guacamole — our sales of beef and tortillas went through the roof!

Gringos would come from all over to eat our Nationalist tacos.

Then the cartels came…

My cousin Paco got greedy and thought that he could use some of the taco trucks in Mexico…however, he didn’t paint over the Texas Nationalist slogans and he was met with immense latin fury.

I’m unsure how it all happened, but I know Paco took some of the trucks down to Juarez to rendezvous with his brother, also named Paco.

His brother Paco called me while I was frolicking in Laredo with some mamacitas. I could barely make out what he was saying due to all of the loud noises and distortions in the call. But, I did make out one thing that Paco yelled; “Juarmageddon! Tacos on fire!”

I put down my Corona and jumped a fence into Mexico. I searched for two weeks for my cousins…

I never heard from either Paco again.

The cartels were able to go into the US unnoticed. They finished off the rest of my Texas Nationalist taco trucks. Many of my family members are now dead. My business is ruined.

Now I operate a little taco stand in Brownsville. It isn’t much, and I don’t have any Nationalist slogans… but I do indeed have a Texas flag on the taco stand.

It has been a long road painted with blood and tears. But I have walked it. It has made me stronger.

It is my purpose in Brownsville to instill Texas Nationalism into the people. The borders must be closed. We must fight back against the cartels and liberals. We must nourish Texas back to its former glory!