Goatcraft – Yersinia Pestis

From the arbor steppes of Hungary emerges the toneful magnificence of Goatcraft, a one-man siege on pernicious modern pop and its insidious infiltration of the neo-classical environs. Drawing sustenance from the tradition of Western Classical Music as communicated through the past of the Common Practice period; Ogden Ziegen, the Eurasian artist exemplar, continues the evolution of his art to a portentous elevated ascendancy.

In recognition of the (at heart), secular destructive tendency infecting the core of black metal, the masculine mountain dweller burned the relics of his time spent in darkness and picked up study of the piano. He carefully studied the transcendent achievements of the Renaissance and its offspring, emerging confident to present his art in a way aligned with the true nature of theophanic experience. The epistemological influence black metal heritage bestows upon him cannot be denied; yet in his earnest transforming yearning for meta-musical enlightened becoming, the ruminant maestro carries his avid listeners to new heights of glory that both envelope the past and transfix the future.

Truly magical in its expression, Goatcraft‘s latest opus, Yersinia Pestis, demonstrates the over-bounding range of the Magyar master’s compositional capabilities. An explosion of proper classical sensibility, each track is lovingly crafted and fashioned into a sharpened blade ready to rend asunder the weak-minded listener who desires his vapid existence to be spoon-fed meaning by the cynical businessman who have the audacity to refer to themselves with the honorific of “artist”. A truly esoteric work, this offering’s charm lies in its simplicity; yet this simplicity belies its inner complexity, which is revealed to the true listener after many appreciations. We here at Western Redemption cannot recommend this work highly enough and urge you to add it to your spiritual diet.


You great star, what would your happiness be had you not those for whom you shine?


Winds of Fate

“Evidence” is a leftist plot to subvert natural hierarchy amongst intellectual masters. Rather than recognizing that correctness, like intelligence, is an inborn and thus hereditary trait; modernity seeks to legitimize the constantly-unbalanced search for truth that so characterizes this stage of the Kali-Yuga.

Unlike (leftist) academia, the Right knows that truth can never be found in the bottom of a test tube, nor in any other form of empirical observation. If a person is capable of perceiving correctness, then such an individual becomes a Correct One whose ability to mentally pierce the veil between this material plane and a higher firmament is beyond reproach. Such individuals must automatically assume authority over the confused masses and guide them to an understanding of eternal truths, lest they become lost in the constructions of their abstractions.

By asking for “evidence”, the leftist reveals the dolorous flaw in his soul: an inability to intuitively comprehend the unshakable and perennial laws that govern this strata of existence; as above, so below. Just as he cannot understand truths outside of his conception, he will never reach a proper understanding of his place within the intellectual hierarchy; and must, for the sake of all our fates, be restrained from further damaging the erstwhile ascendancy of Western conservative thought.

Rosenberg’s Park

I went for a walk at Rosenberg’s park,
the air was crisp, starkly; and the moon filled full,
I saw through extravagance and witnessed the minimal.

Theophanic encounters were rendered mild and sublime,
reality was familiar, and yet strange in newfound numinous,
each breath was whispered as from God; the father of us.

Oh, thou eternal and yet sprightly spire,
long may you be the vessel of virginity,
and teach all the children wisdom, so they may see.

On Masculinity, and Finding The Numinous Eternal Within the Ephermeral

Each man alive today feels the weight of oppression. Not the oppression that liberals and other cultural parasites claim, but real oppression. The kind that makes us not want to go on. You know why that is?

We’re not LIVING!

That’s right, everyone; each and every one of us in this movement has been robbed of what we may have been.

While our ancestors slaughtered animals, killed their enemies and, impregnated true traditional women; we have only vegan “meat” , COD, and Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s not right. It angers me, and you should be angered as well.

What every man must do is begin with re-orientation. Consider your prospects and goals.

How will you achieve domination over the inferior? Will you do such by growing flabby and effeminate?

How will you attract the beautiful and trustworthy woman you need to bear your seed? Will you do it with insane TF2 rocket jumps – or by embodying the inner virility reality has endowed you with?

Cast aside these transitory concerns and begin unlocking the heroic lineage your forefathers bestowed upon you. If you do not, who will be left to mourn your passing?