On the Border and Irredentism

The European settlement of the West has failed and the time for White Repatriation to the Eastern seaboard is now!

The American West, once the playground of Noble Frontiersmen and the shrewd but cunning Judenhat Merchants, shuffles on today sustained by little more than retirement dollars, luxury cash crops and an influx of cheap goods from East Asia. With the Los Angeles port bringing in most Chinese goods, it is a leak in the hull which will flood and capsize the job market for American whites; despite the influx of cheap goods.

It is clear that we are not suited to inhabit this place. Our fair complexion is maladaptive in the southwestern sun. The farming techniques we employed with success on the East Coast and in the Mid West are draining aquifers which haven’t been replenished since the last ice age. Over population of the Western Seaboard has ravaged these lands and left much of it in a drought. The result of such human and environmental disasters is choking agribusinesses.

Meanwhile, the baby boomers continue to sustain themselves on the wealth and labor of their children to live comfortably in the eternal summer of the Golden state. A sordid state of affairs to be sure! The weak, emasculated state-wards that are the millennials are not employed and thus cannot support their elders.

This is the collusion of factors driving the failure of Western Settlement.

Latinos are biologically and culturally suited to inhabit these lands, unlike those of us from more lush and temperate climates. It is thus that I declare these people be returned their Ancestral Homelands. For in doing so, we strengthen the resolve of both peoples and remove critical impetuses to cross border and blood as the death knell sounds for Culture; enthusiastically rung by Half-Castes and Thralls of the Leftist Blight.


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