Happy Bastille Day

The French Revolution occurred because unrepentant Peasants refused to accept the starvation that Divinity ordained and the Monarchy executed as just punishment for their petulance.

Had they chosen to keel over, as would have been right and proper, the population would have stabilized at sustainable levels. The fantasy of upward mobility contained within the slogan, “liberty, fraternity, equality, would not have been so gripping nor so all-consuming. Above all, neither the Nobility nor the Monarchy would have been compelled to part with the privileges that are their birth right in order to appease the hungry mob who chose to over procreate.

A whole nation could have saved itself from Liberalism! France could have been a beacon of Traditional Society, underneath whom the broken bones of flawed men lay at eternal rest under foot. The way to the Correct Man was lost.



Today, I went into town looking to replenish my pantry when I caught a glance at an interracial couple, one negro and the other of some Nordic stock. You can see the regret woe and sadness in the man’s eyes for not marrying a Traditional Nordic woman.

This man understood with clarity, the irreparable damage he has caused to the regality and vitality of his Spiritual Race and ours! Each day, his eye catches sight of the ship which bears passage to the restoration of the Viking as it sails slowly away and disappears over the horizon.

As it departs from his actions and those like him, the tears of our ancestors flow across the Bifrost like the burnette waves of which he has been seduced. With their children, the once vibrant light of the halls of Valhalla grow more dim each day as many forsake the primordial paths which we inherited and forsook.

No solace is he to find by burying his longing face into his hands for they, like the body of his maiden, are covered in tattoos: a constant reminder of ones fallen state. Their permanence is a just penance for the thoughtless mistreatment of purity.

As they pierced their bodies, so too have they pierced the golden walls of Heaven. Try as I might, I am outpaced by the ruin and rumble. Today, the heavens weep and I shall join them.

Goatcraft – Yersinia Pestis

From the arbor steppes of Hungary emerges the toneful magnificence of Goatcraft, a one-man siege on pernicious modern pop and its insidious infiltration of the neo-classical environs. Drawing sustenance from the tradition of Western Classical Music as communicated through the past of the Common Practice period; Ogden Ziegen, the Eurasian artist exemplar, continues the evolution of his art to a portentous elevated ascendancy.

In recognition of the (at heart), secular destructive tendency infecting the core of black metal, the masculine mountain dweller burned the relics of his time spent in darkness and picked up study of the piano. He carefully studied the transcendent achievements of the Renaissance and its offspring, emerging confident to present his art in a way aligned with the true nature of theophanic experience. The epistemological influence black metal heritage bestows upon him cannot be denied; yet in his earnest transforming yearning for meta-musical enlightened becoming, the ruminant maestro carries his avid listeners to new heights of glory that both envelope the past and transfix the future.

Truly magical in its expression, Goatcraft‘s latest opus, Yersinia Pestis, demonstrates the over-bounding range of the Magyar master’s compositional capabilities. An explosion of proper classical sensibility, each track is lovingly crafted and fashioned into a sharpened blade ready to rend asunder the weak-minded listener who desires his vapid existence to be spoon-fed meaning by the cynical businessman who have the audacity to refer to themselves with the honorific of “artist”. A truly esoteric work, this offering’s charm lies in its simplicity; yet this simplicity belies its inner complexity, which is revealed to the true listener after many appreciations. We here at Western Redemption cannot recommend this work highly enough and urge you to add it to your spiritual diet.


You great star, what would your happiness be had you not those for whom you shine?

El Diablo

For some time now the godless liberals have been implementing science as truth. According to some Eastern philosophies, truth can’t be communicated. Only through a series of strenuous ego deaths does one shed its outer layers so the inner light shines forth. God works in mysterious ways. The solipsism of the individual must be squelched so divinity can be acknowledged. Then we go forth and aid our less fortunate brothers and sisters so that they may know the caring nature of God.

If anybody remembers Soviet Russia, godlessness wrought a miserable communistic society. Their weak minds were easily tricked by El Diablo, and their moral characters were tainted, as were their souls. All communists bathe in the fires of heck for their sinful orgies with El Diablo. If it wasn’t for El Diablo, Gen Patton would’ve invaded Russia after Germany. But the US Army was far too exhausted from battling the Nazis to gather the strength to fight the ultimate primordial evil.

After WWII, El Diablo left the Soviet Union and his absence weakened the USSR by proxy. He moved to the US where post-war soldiers were impregnating women in great numbers. So many fresh souls (the baby boomers) were prime for corruption. El Diablo came about in a weird manifestation: hippies. He corrupted young negro musicians like Hendrix so that his solipsistic lust would brainwash gentile women into miscegenation with Jews. It worked.

The victories of El Diablo were so many that he became much more powerful. Harvesting energy from the sheer numbers of corrupted baby boomers, he attacked the gentiles from all angles under the guise of Liberalism. Pornography, rap music, science, gay marriage et al are all tricks from El Diablo to weaken the gentiles.

Thankfully, there are angels in this world who fight this great evil. Varg Vikernes from the Odin-pop band Burzum delivered a large blow to El Diablo by telling gentiles to be heroic and only breed with well-spirited women. Saint Vikernes knows that the tides must be reversed. Traditional families must be priority number uno to strengthen our defenses and shield us from demonic forces. Below is a video of Saint Vikernes attacking El Diablo. Follow in his footsteps.

A Firewall for Nationalism

Last week I proposed White self relocation and isolation. Is it enough to close our borders? Interaction with the other is the source of our woes. Separating ourselves by way of distance is no longer sufficient. Telecommunication is the ultimate enemy of Pan-Nationalism, of the West. If you think repatriation and reparation is enough to end the racism, oppression, class warfare and misery brought about by diversity, you are wrong! Physical borders are simply obsolete.

It is through the internet that corruption of our culture begins. Miscegenation by communication. Flirting with the other. Tantalizing our youth with the exotic and foreign. Transactional convenience paved the way for the click-bait dysgenicists to commit acts of treason and soft genocide against the West.

Interracial pornography at the click of a button! Foreign animation indoctrinating foreign values through network streaming. Our children adopt their dress, their language and imitate their culture. They wish to breed with those who are unlike themselves. However, exposure to foreign cultural exports is not the most heinous consequence of global communication.

Anonymity ensures we can never truly know with whom we are associating. Agents acting under the guise of Western European ancestry can sabotage forums, chatrooms and blogs. Flaming, baiting, trolling – these are their tools. Affecting changes in consciousness under a ruse which is designed to lower our defenses. We believe we are conversing with kin and are therefore open to consideration precisely because we share common direction (or so we are led to believe). Then, the silent dagger slips quietly into the flesh. Suddenly, opposing and alien values look appetizing. Vaporous ideologies look luminous and vibrant.

Courageous conservatives must stand for isolationism of the internet if we are to truly prevail against vacuous internationalism. We are being primed for multiculturalism. I do not suggest this tool be abandoned. It is invaluable in the quest to restore our traditions. This goal cannot succeed if we do not limit our association to those with whom we share the most. Shelter, protect and nurture our heritage, values, customs and spirit.

Remember, a mosque in your hometown is only an email away.

On the Border and Irredentism

The European settlement of the West has failed and the time for White Repatriation to the Eastern seaboard is now!

The American West, once the playground of Noble Frontiersmen and the shrewd but cunning Judenhat Merchants, shuffles on today sustained by little more than retirement dollars, luxury cash crops and an influx of cheap goods from East Asia. With the Los Angeles port bringing in most Chinese goods, it is a leak in the hull which will flood and capsize the job market for American whites; despite the influx of cheap goods.

It is clear that we are not suited to inhabit this place. Our fair complexion is maladaptive in the southwestern sun. The farming techniques we employed with success on the East Coast and in the Mid West are draining aquifers which haven’t been replenished since the last ice age. Over population of the Western Seaboard has ravaged these lands and left much of it in a drought. The result of such human and environmental disasters is choking agribusinesses.

Meanwhile, the baby boomers continue to sustain themselves on the wealth and labor of their children to live comfortably in the eternal summer of the Golden state. A sordid state of affairs to be sure! The weak, emasculated state-wards that are the millennials are not employed and thus cannot support their elders.

This is the collusion of factors driving the failure of Western Settlement.

Latinos are biologically and culturally suited to inhabit these lands, unlike those of us from more lush and temperate climates. It is thus that I declare these people be returned their Ancestral Homelands. For in doing so, we strengthen the resolve of both peoples and remove critical impetuses to cross border and blood as the death knell sounds for Culture; enthusiastically rung by Half-Castes and Thralls of the Leftist Blight.